Three Sixty Vodka
Three Sixty Vodka is a German vodka that is part of a family business, Schwarze & Schlichte, for more than 350 years, being the second best-selling vodka in Germany.
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Ezra Brooks Bourbon Whiskey
Ezra Brooks Whiskey is a bourbon of the highest quality, originally from Kentucky, United States.
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Stetson Kentucky Straight Bourbon
Stetson Kentucky Straight Bourbon is a representative of American culture, being a bourbon whiskey based on corn.
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IBS Exclusive IBS
Original premium beer of Czech origin

"Comprising over 200 years of Czech heritage, authentic Beer of Czech origin - Prague is as real as possible. Our master of beer creates the best natural ingredients to create award-winning drinks, available all over the world."

Prague pils wants to deliver on a global scale not only the best Czech beer, but also the authentic czech beer experience at a reasonable price, still using only the highest quality ingredients and brewing processes according to the best brewing traditions. IBS is proud to be a partner.

IBS Exclusive IBS
A thousand members with one spirit

The members who offer their grapes to the Beato Bartolomeo Winery are related spirits. Their goal is to promote their region through its most prestigious asset: Breganze DOC wines.

IBS Exclusive focuses on their sparkling, original and eparteous wines from being ordinary: the sparkling wines of Breganze. Born from grapes that give the wine excellent fragrances and a low level of alcohol, it is the perfect combination for an extraordinary sparkling wine.

IBS Exclusive IBS
Over 350 years of experience and tradition!

Schwarze und Schichte is a traditional company and has already been in the same family for over 12 generations. They not only produce and create innovative and exciting beverages, but also import and distribution are key factors for their success. IBS is proud to be the importer of THREE SIXTY - the second largest vodka brand in Germany!

IBS Exclusive IBS

IBS Exclusive IBS
LUXCO, the leader in beverages in the USA

Luxco is one of the leading liquor companies in the US. It was established in 1958 as a private bottler to meet the needs of distributors and traders. Since then, the company has grown in with great patience, becoming a leading manufacturer, bottler, importer and trader with an impressive portfolio of beverage brands. IBS is proud to be the exclusive importer of EZRA BROOKS.

IBS Exclusive IBS

We collect brands

IBS Exclusive

IBS Exclusive is our most prestigious project. In our years of experience in the international market we have had to deal with countless brands. That is why we decided to focus on large brands, which have demonstrated their capabilities and had records in the markets for which they were produced. Three Sixty Vodka is the second largest vodka brand in Germany, and Ezra Brooks is one of the most appreciated bourbon brands in the United States. Our goal is to bring these top brands to Romania as well. That is why we work with major distributors and traders in the country, whom we supply weekly or every day, depending on their needs. We want to give all our customers access to our exclusive importers.

Do you have a successful brand on the market and you want to bring it to the Romanian market? Contact us!


You can contact us, and we will do everything in our power to get the product for you, at the best price on the market.


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International Brand Stores has the highest quality drinks at competitive prices.


When ordering wholesalers you can benefit from additional discounts.


Our team will ensure that all your requirements are met and met to the highest standards.


Our focus is the customer.


Our warehouse has the ability to deliver the products in the shortest possible time.

What our customers say

I deal with purchases for a chain of stores in Romania and I am a loyal customer of IBS because thanks to them I manage to have on my shelves quality products at competitive prices. With them I can be sure that I will have satisfied customers.
John V.
Purchasing Manager
I am event manager, I organize everything from weddings, baptisms, theme parties and even city days in smaller localities. IBS helps me all the time to reach the plus, offers me the lowest prices on the market, impeccable customer service and they are very serious. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a tasteful event at the lowest price.
George D.
Events Manager
IBS has been my client for almost 7 years and they were the best I could have hoped for. Their payments are always on time, their warehouse is refilled sometimes 2 times a month and they have some geniuses in logistics. It's a pleasure to do business with them.
Dimitri M.
Distillery Manager


Carbon Champagne este acum disponibila in Romania exclusiv prin IBS